$180 For Full Detail

Limited Time Only. This special price is for any size vehicle. 

Car Wash Services

Car Detailing & Pressure Washing Services Call (910) 535-5424 For Bookings

Car Detailing & Pressure Washing Services Call (910) 535-5424 For Bookings

Bronze Car Wash

Starting at (1-2 Hours)
Bronze Car Wash -Wash -Wheels Cleaned  -Tires Shined  -Windows Cleaned  -Vacuumed
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Silver Car Wash

Starting at (2-4 Hours)
 Silver Car Wash Includes  -Wash -Bug and tar removal -Tires Cleaned (Including Back …
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Gold Car Wash ($180 All Size Vehicles FULL DETAIL)

All Size Vehicles (4-6 Hours)
Gold Car Wash Includes -Wash -Bug and tar removal  -Wheels Cleaned (Including Back …
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Platinum Car Wash (Superior Full Detail)

Starting Price (6 hours)
-Wash -Bug and Tar Removal -Wheels Cleaned (including back barrels) -Tires Shined
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Full Detail Active Military/Veteran and First Responders

4-6 hours
All Size Vehicles  -Wash -Bug and tar removal -Wheels Cleaned (including back barrels)
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Employee Discount Special Monthly Wash

All Size Vehicles
(Full Detail For Employee Discount Only $150)This discount is available for any company …
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Top Mobile Car Wash & Detailing in Fayetteville

King James Mobile Car Wash delivers car washing & detailing sеrvicеs dirеctly to our customеrs, alleviating the need to queue with a host of other drivers at a potentially-inconvenient location. The secret to our success? Wе bеliеvе in еxcеptional ...

Our Complete Range Of Car Wash Solutions

We always use the best products when cleaning the interior & exterior of your vehicle so you know that combined with our technical expertise, the end result will bring your car back to its glorious looks once again! Typically, cars should be cleaned ...


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Latest Posts

Posted on February 07, 2022. There’s a longstanding debate about this subject in online auto forums, because cars are expensive and nobody wants to damage their paintwork when washing their car with a pressure washer. The majority of experts with decades of experience washing cars have concluded that …


LaToya Bell
Amazing service and friendly! 
Jun 30, 2024
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Impeccable service! You have gained a customer for life! 
Jun 29, 2024

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